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Another Linssen Magazine already? Yes, your eyes are not deceiving you, just six weeks after our autumn edition we are delighted to present you with the ‘Special Edition dot sero series’ of the Linssen Magazine.

As we have so much to tell you about our vision of the future, about the models in the new .0 series and about several important USPs, we have decided to publish a special edition of our magazine. We want to inform you about a spectacular new product line, we want to include an exclusive report on the building of the new .0 series and the initial steps in the development of the revolutionary new Grand Sturdy 500 AC Variotop.®

We are extremely proud of our new model series. We have listened carefully to your input and we therefore want to share the product with you during its development and construction, rather than waiting for the actual introduction in 2017.
We let you see the drawings of our designer Anne Elsinga, the digital conversion to our CATIA 3D programme and photos of the hull construction.

From April 2017, you can admire the finished first products in the .0 series. Up until then, you will of course be more than welcome in Maasbracht! However, our sales staff are keen to keep you personally informed of progress.

The first Grand Sturdys in the .0 series have already been sold and the first Grand Sturdy 500s have been reserved for eager owners. Expectations are running very high.

We hope that you will enjoy reading this special edition and be encouraged to request more information about the latest developments.


"Cleobulus IV was enkele dagen bij jullie voor enkele aanpassingen. Ik hou er aan de heren Vleugels en Delvaux te bedanken voor de hartelijke ontvangst en prima service. Jullie en jullie medewerkers halen een heel hoog niveau. 
Onnodig te zeggen dat onze  Cleobulus IV  een “outstanding”  niveau haalt".

Tim Remaut - eigenaar van Grand Sturdy 45.0 Cleobulus IV

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