On 16 November, we heralded in our anniversary year, 2019, together with 600 guests.
It was a great evening, full of highlights. These included the speech given by Michael Steenhoff (Hiswa association), the personal congratulations from our mayor Stef Strous, the launch of our new Grand Sturdy 450 Variotop® and of course all of this in the presence of our 97-year-old founder and granddad, Jac. Linssen. How he enjoyed it! And so did we. Hearing from all of you, the compliments you paid to our company, products and people.

There are plenty of fun activities on the programme this anniversary year. Follow our social media and website to find out more and register for one or more activities.

The starting shot for these activities was fired on our stand at BOOT Düsseldorf, where we first congratulated the BOOT team (Petros Michelidakis, Arne von Heimendahl and Viktoria Marx) on their 50th anniversary and then drank a toast, with out guests, to 70 years of Linssen.

Now we’re back in the office. Another BOOT Düsseldorf is over. It lasted nine days, 3,600 people visited our stand and we made many new contacts, but there were also customers who came to tell us how much they enjoyed their Linssen and that they couldn’t wait until spring came round again. (Of course, we fully agree!)

For us, it’s just a different world. In Maasbracht everything of course continued to run smoothly, but the Sales and Boating Holidays team were “off-line” for a while. Every morning, together with our international dealers, we would clean up the stand (yes, they can really all vacuum and wash up!), discuss any new contacts and enthusiastically welcome a whole stream of people and stimulate their passion for water sports. It’s a week that takes a lot of energy out of you, but gives you at least as much energy back.

We are - at the time of writing - in the run-up to the Belgian Boat Show in Ghent, Suisse Nautic in Bern and our own “Collection Weekend” in Maasbracht. By the time you read this, we will just have finished them all. Then we’ll be preparing for the now traditional Linssen In-Water Boat Show, this year from 5 - 8 April. A large part of our product range is in the water to provide a “taster” of what it’s like on a Linssen. Our latest Grand Sturdy 450 Variotop® will also be in the water and can be sailed for the first time.

Before we start the sailing season again there are some snow-related activities on our (private) schedule. We’re off for a week’s skiing with the family in Switzerland (Mathijs and Sophie can’t wait) and then all the way to Austria for the wedding of niece Nicole (Wendy’s twin sister, known to most people as “LBH Wendy”). Once we’re back (end of March), it’s time to go sailing. We’ll be making plans for this summer. Will it be Zeeland again? The Belgian coast? Or maybe Friesland? There’s nothing better than making travel plans, but will they work out? We’ll find out in August.

Of course, we’d also like to hear about your travel plans for the upcoming season. Will it be big plans or just the same tour as other years? Would you like to share your story with us and all of Linssen Magazine’s readers? If so, please contact us at

If you’re going to be passing near Maasbracht in your boat or car, our doors will be open for you and the coffee will be ready!

We wish you a nice start to the season!

Yvonne Linssen

What an especially beautiful spring and summer we’ve had. Ideal for messing about on the water. So we did this quite regularly on various boats with a different crew each time.
This spring was packed full of water sports experiences.

Starting with the annual Easter tour, where we sailed on 10-15 Linssen yachts from Maasbracht along the Willems Route via Weert, Maasmechelen (Belgium) – with a short stop in Rekem (Belgium) – to Maastricht, and back to Maasbracht along the Juliana Canal on Easter Monday. It was (still) cold at that time, but we had another nice group of Dutch and international Linssen owners who were all happy to get a visit from the Easter bunny during the trip. Experiences were exchanged and new contacts made.

In addition, together with Paul, Alexander and Erwin, I was able to sail the “Gaudium Vitae” (Grand Sturdy 500 AC Variotop®) to the Isle of Wight for the photo shoot. A fantastic trip, on an even more beautiful boat. What a varied trip we had from Blankenberge to Brighton. Two of us were always on watch, for three hours at a time. It was a beautiful experience, sailing in the dark, seeing it slowly getting light, crossing the shipping lane in dense fog, a flat sea, large waves and a glorious sun on the way from Brighton to Beaulieu. It was so beautiful that we sat on the foredeck - of course securely leashed and with a life jacket on - during the trip along the coast. The last stage was a short one, from Beaulieu to Cowes, where we sadly left the boat behind for the photo crew. After all, it had sort of become “our” boat...
Another memorable moment this spring was the opening of Jonkers Yachts’ showroom in Port Zélande Marina. Together with Russell Currie (CEO of Fairline), we put the Jonkers team in the spotlight. And deservedly so. It has become a beautiful showroom. If you get the chance, it’s definitely worth the effort to take a look inside. The event was not only organised down to the last detail, it was also a very friendly occasion. I am sure the people who were there will wholeheartedly agree.

The best moment for me personally was the flotilla. There were 27 (!) Linssens sailing across the Grevelingenmeer and I’ve never been so proud. Absolutely fan-tas-tic. It was incredibly beautiful to see so many like-minded people together. The picture (on p 43) will give you an impression.

This summer, for the first time, we took our family sailing for three weeks on our own “Henri Mer”. We sailed to Zeeland via Well (Leukermeer), to spend a few days with family and friends. Mathijs (6) wanted to catch crabs. Well, we knew that. Every day he stood ready to leave, his bucket and fishing rod in his hands. The children of our “neighbours” in the marina (Isabel and Olivier) went along. An hour later they proudly came to tell me that they had caught as many as 14 crabs. He’s still talking about it. After that, we continued to Blankenberge, our children’s first taste of a sea trip. Mathijs marvelled at all the big ships and Sophie (4) thought it was really exciting.

We are already looking forward to next spring, but hopefully the autumn will be mild and we will be able to continue sailing for a while...because the water keeps pulling us....

The seasons
Every season has its own charm. The summer is of course the water sports season, and spring too to some extent. However, winter has its appeal as well with cold, snow, ice and winter sports. Skating is deeply rooted in the Netherlands. They say that people in the alps are born with skis on; the Dutch are probably born with skates on. At the time of writing, there is talk of another Eleven City Skating Marathon being held. That would really be great, if after 21 years the entire Netherlands focusing again on the “marathon to end all marathons”. (When you read this, we will know whether it took place or whether it was cancelled again – at the last minute.)
In the summer season, you can sail the Eleven City route yourself. Your own Eleven City Marathon, but slightly more comfortably on the aft deck of a Linssen*. Fortunately, that is possible every year. (*Maximum air draft 2.5 m, maximum width 3.9 m and maximum draft 1.3 m.)

In addition to steel and water, the Linssen family has snow in its blood. Every year, almost all of us depart for the French, Austrian or Swiss alps.
This winter was no different. Our children learnt it at a very early age – just like me. I started skiing when I was three. Mathijs and Sophie too. I can now go downhill with Mathijs (6). We saw Sophie (3½), who started in December, during her last lesson on the slope, singing her head off. There’s nothing better than seeing your children when they are enthusiastic about something that you enjoy so much yourself. You also see that they are both mad about Switzerland. Mathijs, for instance, doesn’t eat a croissant for breakfast, but a Laugengipfel or a Laugenbrötchen. In the evening we don’t go to a restaurant, but to Ueli (the cook) and the ski school belongs to Hombi. In the meantime we drink a cup of coffee at Auntie Manda’s.

But let’s get back to the water. Mathijs asks almost every day when can we go sailing again. Whether it’s raining, snowing, storming or freezing, he doesn’t mind.
“It’s just great on the boat, mummy”. Exactly, come and say that to everybody who visits our showroom. “Ok, mummy”. And he’s right of course. Life on board is pure relaxation. “Just nice” as the kids would say. To really understand that, however, you must have experienced it yourself. Try it during one of our trial sailings. Or charter a boat perhaps from Linssen Boating Holidays. But best of all is on your own boat, equipped according to your wishes and at a time when it suits you, enjoying life on the water. Where and whenever you want. May we invite you to come and experience it with us?

I hope to welcome you in our showroom, on the water, at one of our boat shows or perhaps prior to that on the ice in Friesland!

The sailing season is again drawing to a close – unfortunately. I have read many of your ‘adventures’ in my inbox, on social media or have heard them personally of course in our showroom.

We have been enjoying ourselves sailing with “Henri Mer”, our 40.0 AC. Even though we didn’t go far, it was great fun. We started at our favourite beach in Kessenich, stayed a few days in Roermond, before heading for Well. We eventually found a mooring at holiday village Leukermeer in Well where we stayed for a few days. It was great for the children, there is a beach, water, an indoor swimming pool and loads of things to do. In other words, a real holiday. The nice thing about a boating holiday is that you never have any really bad weather. You are always outside when it’s dry. Every time the rain stopped, Mathijs and Sophie were on the jetty with their fishing nets. When I asked them to be careful, Sophie’s (3) standard answer was ‘Nothing can go wrong mama, because I have my life jacket on.’ You could say that’s also a way of looking at it.

A new activity for them was sailing with the dinghy (with us of course). A real adventure. You discover places that you cannot reach with the ‘big’ boat or you can sail ashore if you are anchored. The children now know what the dead man’s switch is, what its purpose is and always put in on if they are allowed to steer.

We also came across several Linssens on the way. For instance, we moored next to the “Pic du Soleil” (36.9 AC), the “Fleur” (29.9 AC Traveller) and waved on the water to the “Girah” (410 AC Variotop), the “Aurora” (34.9 AC) and the “Louise” (25.9 SCF). It’s always nice to greet other enthusiastic Linssen boaters.

In marinas too we were often spoken to by people with another boat. We received many compliments, and needless to say we are very proud about that.
We have already started preparation for our 2017/2018 boat show season, during which we will be presenting part of our new Grand Sturdy series. A lot of hard work is being devoted to the new 45.0 AC (follow our VLOG) and the spectacular Grand Sturdy 500 AC Variotop®. You can come and view these new models in our showroom in November.

“Henri Mer” is staying in the water for the time being, for us, but to some extent for you too. To experience the new 40.0 AC, you can make a test sailing with her. If you are interested, get in touch with one of our national or international dealers or your contact in Maasbracht.

We hope to welcome you soon to Maasbracht, with the Linssen Yachts Boat Show from 18 to 20 November, inclusive, being the final opportunity.

First of all may we wish you and your family all the best for 2017.

Although it is still a few months away we hope you will have a great cruising season ahead meeting both new friends and finding new places to cruise. In the meantime feel free to visit our factory in Maasbracht to see what we are doing ‘behind the scenes’, your welcome to visit almost anytime so do contact your local dealer or our reception to make the necessary arrangements. Amongst the highlights’ will be a look at the progress of the new ‘DOT Zero’ series (35.0 – 40.0 – 45.0). Several of these models will be introduced in 2017 proving yet again another innovative year for Linssen!

Perhaps you have seen our video log on Youtube? Here you can follow the progress of the New Grand Sturdy 35.0 AC and Sedan and the Grand Sturdy 40.0 AC and Sedan. In a later stage we will also keep you updated on the 45.0 and 500.

In this special edition of the Linssen Magazine, we have new pictures of the ‘Dot Zeros’ in production. You can follow the progress online (website and Vlog) as well as offline (through the Linssen Magazines).

On top of introducing this new model series we are working hard on the development of the new Grand Sturdy 500 AC Variotop. This will be the new flagship of Linssen range, designed, developed and engineered in every detail by us at Linssen it will be the best displacement cruiser in its class – and that’s a promise! This new and exciting model will have many of the ‘good old’ Linssen USP’s but also a lot of new innovations, many of them being presented later in our communications.

So keep following our developments and we hope to see you soon in Maasbracht or on one of the spring boat shows somewhere in Europe.


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