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"A powered hatch in the saloon lifts up to reveal a spotless machinery space with acres of space".

Motor boat & Yachting, Vol 167; May 2019 - Jack Haines on the Grand Sturdy 500 AC Variotop


"Cleobulus IV was enkele dagen bij jullie voor enkele aanpassingen. Ik hou er aan de heren Vleugels en Delvaux te bedanken voor de hartelijke ontvangst en prima service. Jullie en jullie medewerkers halen een heel hoog niveau. 
Onnodig te zeggen dat onze  Cleobulus IV  een “outstanding”  niveau haalt".

Tim Remaut - eigenaar van Grand Sturdy 45.0 Cleobulus IV

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Saturday/Sunday: by appointment only.
Weekdays: 08.00 - 17.30 h.

Do you belong to a high-risk group, are you not allowed or unable to travel, or would you prefer not to come to Maasbracht as a precaution? We fully understand that, of course. Fortunately, you can also contact us remotely in various ways. This can be done via our usual telephone number, but also via the direct number of your contact person. Or via skype, WhatsApp, video calls or the chat function on our website.

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