It is, of course, possible that you have bought your Linssen motor yacht elsewhere. From one of our international dealers, a yacht broker or perhaps a private individual. The age does not matter. Linssen yachts will last for decades, as evidenced by the fact that there are still some 2,500 or so cruising around Europe.

In any case, you are now 'a member of the family' and the proud owner of a Linssen. We like to keep track of where our yachts go and therefore invite you to apply for the "Linssen Owners Card". The Linssen Owners Card offers you small advantages with some selected partners.

Visit to the shipyard
Are you interested in visiting the shipyard to see where and how your Linssen was built? That is also possible. We will contact you to make an appointment. Then you can also receive our welcome package including a new yard pennant, doormat and more...

Questions about your Linssen?
Do you have questions or problems about your purchase? Then go back to your seller. He or she can best help you with your questions in the first instance.
Do you have questions about your Linssen? Looking for service, repair or overhaul? In that case, our After Sales department can help you further. We work with various specialists at home and abroad who can help you with this.