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Linssen Boating Experience Linssen Boating Experience

We offer complete customised cruise experiences for your group. Let an experienced skipper take over and enjoy gastronomy, culture, history, nature and so much more.
Together with carefully selected partners, we offer exclusive total packages.

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For more information contact Aqua Libra Yachtcharter (Kinrooi, Belgium):

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SE & O
Outlet Center shopping Roermond

Designer Outlet Roermond
Stadsweide 2, 6041 TD Roermond, Nederland
Tel: +31 (0) 475 351 777

 Restaurant Da Vinci Maasbracht - Twee Michellinsterren

Restaurant Da Vinci
Havenstraat 27, 6051 CS Maasbracht, Nederland
Tel: +31 (0)475 46 59 79

 Restaurant de Kolentip Maasbracht

Restaurant Kolentip
Tipstraat 8, 6051 CX  Maasbracht, Nederland
Tel: +31 (0)475 55 91 33

Restaurant Boschmolenplas Panheel

Restaurant Boschmolenplas
Bosmolenweg 16, 6097 NG Panheel, Nederland
Tel: +31 (0)475 57 32 33

Restaurant Harbour Club Maastricht

Harbour Club wine & dine
Bassinkade 4, 6211 AL Maastricht, Nederland
Tel: +31 (0)43 450 6666

Our mission

Why a Linssen?

  • Elegant, timeless, low noise levels and the best sailing characteristics
  • Indisputably the most spacious and best laid out motor yachts in their class at very competitive price
  • Perfect engineering, trouble-free technology and access to all generators
  • Advanced steel construction by high-tech machinery and patented technologies
  • Stylish, timeless interior design, consisting of the best materials to be found on the market
  • High-quality furniture production using the latest CNC cutting and gluing technologies
  • Linssen “Exterior Coating System”, based on 65 years of developing technology and infrastructure in house
  • Wide range of variants and optional items for the individual specification of your dream yacht
  • Comfortable, reliable, safe and versatile enough to be used in many navigation areas, where you can benefit from Linssen’s European dealer network
  • Construction supervised by your Linssen sales partner, comprehensive personal instruction on delivery, 3-year Linssen Yachts Warranty Plan, reliable after-sales service.
  • Extensive dealer network across Europe
  • Service network across Europe
  • Where can I charter a Linssen? Linssen Boating Holidays® partners across Europe.

The Linssen Yachts Identity

    Steel displacement motor yachts from 28’ to 58’, for inland waterways and open sea, from traditional to modern. The stylish Variotop® (folding roof), the graceful Wheelhouse (enclosed wheelhouse), the classic AC (aft cabin) and the timeless Sedan (open cockpit) make every Linssen unique.
    The meticulous in-house product development of an individually specified series built motor yacht results in consistent high quality, 100% made in Maasbracht (NL)! Safety in product and process has the highest priority.
    The market leader in steel yachts: consistent quality thanks to 66 years’ experience, serial construction and recognisable model lines result in high residual value and excellent resale opportunities. 
    65 years’ experience of developing the most spacious well laid out motor yachts, all according to your wishes and budget. Unique comprehensive customer care package to relieve you of all worries.
    Our after-sales team and our international partners are at your service! Ask our owners (more than 2,500!) about their experiences! For three generations, we have been building for and working to create the largest family on water.

We take your pleasure seriously!

Linssen Yachts' Mission Statement

Linssen Yachts wishes to excel in the development, production, sale and maintenance of motor yachts in the 9 to 15 metre class. Its prime objective is acquiring and retaining an expanding satisfied customer base and continuing to hold a leading market position within the sector.

To achieve this objective, Linssen Yachts continues to focus on developing innovative and value-retaining concepts (model series), efficiently producing and professionally marketing these yachts and providing excellent service and maintenance to end-users in order to ensure carefree enjoyment for our customers.


Pre-owned Linssen yachts

Trust the people who know what they’ve built!

In addition to the latest range of new boats, Linssen Yachts BV also offers a selection of pre-owned boats. 
Linssen Yachts offers two categories of pre-owned boats: brokerage boats and boats from the Linssen Collection.

1. Brokerage boats
We offer brokerage boats for sale on behalf of the current owner. In this case, Linssen Yachts acts as the broker and is not the owner of the boat in question. However, these boats too are subjected to a thorough inspection and are subsequently entirely overhauled on behalf of the owner. Boats are delivered ex boatyard, including technical hand-over.

2. The “Linssen Collection”
The Linssen Collection is a small, unique selection of recent, pre-owned Linssen boats. All boats with the Linssen Collection label are fully revised following a detailed technical and optical inspection and are offered with a one-year boatyard guarantee.

Boats from the Linssen Collection can be recognised by the special Collection seal!

The special Linssen Collection privileges include:

  • Linssen Yachts Owners Card
  • Linssen Yachts Guarantee Plan (1-year guarantee*)
  • Boats in an excellent state of repair
  • Complete overhaul carried out
  • Delivery ex boatyard, no delivery charges
  • Interior and exterior professionally cleaned
  • Complete inspection upon delivery
  • Detailed transfer-of-ownership and technical instructions
  • Extra support by Linssen Yachts’ after-sales service

(* see the Linssen Yachts Guarantee Plan for pre owned boats conditions)

Linssen Yachts Services

These days, maintenance and service are vital for retaining the value of your motoryacht. You can usually perform the annual maintenance on your boat yourself in your home port or at one of the Linssen Service points.

However, Linssen Yachts’ service goes a step further. There probably comes a time when your boat requires more than just standard maintenance, e.g. installing extra underwater components such as a stern thruster or stabilisation system. You may also need supplementary technical equipment in the engine room, such as an inverter or a generator, or the latest navigation instruments at the helmsman’s position.

And despite the fact that your Linssen has a timeless quality, it may be the case that after 10 or 15 years of pleasant sailing, your boat may be somewhat dated with regard to electronics and interior styling. In this case too Linssen Yachts Services will be happy to adjust the interior or replaced outdated equipment.

We of course hope that it never happens, but should you suffer any damage, you and your insurance expert will want that damage repaired so that it is invisible. We have in-house expertise to determine in detail the extent of the damage. In this way, you will never be faced by extra defects at a later stage and you can be sure that your boat will continue to retain its value.


  • collision damage
  • stern and/or bow thrusters
  • stabilizers


  • painting of hull and/or superstructure coating
  • below waterline (repair, anti-fouling)

Technology/Engine room

  • supplementary equipment
  • replacing outdated equipment

Wood work

  • interior repairs
  • interior adjustments (cupboards, helmsman’s position, beds, etc.)

Some examples:

Subsequent fitting

Linssen Yachts service - hekschroefinbouw


Linssen Yachts Service - complete refit
Linssen Yachts Service - complete refit


Linssen Yachts Service - complete refit
Linssen Yachts Service - complete refit
Professional subsequent fitting of stern thruster integrated into the hull.
A Linssen 32 SL dating from 1986, provided with a new coating and a full interior restyling.
The entire interior of this Linssen 442 SX dating from 1992 has been renewed. The panelling has been recoated, the soft furnishings and the carpet have been replaced, and the electronics on board have been updated, where necessary.
An investment that gives a yacht a new lease of life.



Would you like information about servicing your boat? Please contact Linssen Yachts Services:

Opening hours Linssen-showroom:

Weekdays: 8 AM - 5.30 PM
Saturday: 10 AM - 4 PM
Sunday: by appointment only

Brouwersstraat 17
NL-6051 AA Maasbracht
Postbus 7172
NL-6050 AD  Maasbracht

Tel. +31 (0)475 - 43 99 99
Fax +31 (0)475 - 43 99 90
Tel. financial dep. +31 (0)475 - 43 99 85
Tel. purchase dep. +31 (0)475 - 43 99 83

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VAT NL 806.128.203.B.01

Bankrelations: Rabobank Roermond - Echt;
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IBAN : NL73ABNA 04911 68 349;

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The name Linssen®, Grand Sturdy®, Classic Sturdy®, The New Classic Sturdy®, Linssen Range Cruiser®, Variotop®, 9-series®, Floor Integrated System®, Hard Chine Prestressed Hull®, Linssen Boating Holidays®, We take your pleasure serioulsy®, Floating Panel System®, Saloon Cockpit Fusion®, Life Utility Yachts®, Linssen Factory Experience® and It's me! Your new Linssen!® are registered trademarks protected by copyright.

All our offers are without obligation. Offers are made subject to changes in prices and products, changes to interior and exterior drawings, equipment tables and basic information as well as any textual errors. Illustrations, colours, descriptions and information relating to dimensions, characteristics, etc. are given as approximations only and are not binding.

The prices of all models in the Linssen Grand Sturdy Series are inclusive of the three-year Linssen Yachts Warranty Plan and a full delivery package. This package consists of full fuel tank(s), commissioning, testing and setting the built-in accessories and navigational equipment, fully worked-out test programme, thorough technical instruction and river trial during the handover at the boatyard, set of ship’s papers (including comprehensive owner manual, system description and electrical diagrams), complete inventory, set of spares, touch-up sticks, holding tank fluid and spare light bulbs. You can obtain full information on all Linssen yachts from our boatyard or your Linssen Yachts dealer.

The illustrations on this website show optional versions which are not part of our standard range. For further information, please contact the boatyard or your Linssen Yachts dealer.

All information on this website is protected by copyright. Under no circumstances are you permitted to reproduce, modify or make public in whole or in part the information, text, photographs, etc. contained in the catalogue or pass them for publication without the prior permission of Linssen Yachts in writing.

The greatest possible care has been taken in the design and production of this catalogue. However, we cannot provide any guarantees as to the completeness and accuracy of the information it contains. In particular, we would point out that each Linssen yacht is a unique product and that individual variations may occur from standard and average dimensions in terms of equipment, layout and composition.

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