Linssen Identity

The Linssen Yachts Identity

    Steel displacement motor yachts from 28’ to 58’, for inland waterways and open sea, from traditional to modern. The stylish Variotop® (folding roof), the graceful Wheelhouse (enclosed wheelhouse), the classic AC (aft cabin) and the timeless Sedan (open cockpit) make every Linssen unique.
    The meticulous in-house product development of an individually specified series built motor yacht results in consistent high quality, 100% made in Maasbracht (NL)! Safety in product and process has the highest priority.
    The market leader in steel yachts: consistent quality thanks to 66 years’ experience, serial construction and recognisable model lines result in high residual value and excellent resale opportunities. 
    65 years’ experience of developing the most spacious well laid out motor yachts, all according to your wishes and budget. Unique comprehensive customer care package to relieve you of all worries.
    Our after-sales team and our international partners are at your service! Ask our owners (more than 2,500!) about their experiences! For three generations, we have been building for and working to create the largest family on water.

We take your pleasure seriously!

Mission Statement

Linssen Yachts' Mission Statement

Linssen Yachts wishes to excel in the development, production, sale and maintenance of motor yachts in the 8 to 18 metre class. Its prime objective is acquiring and retaining an expanding satisfied customer base and continuing to hold a leading market position within the sector.

To achieve this objective, Linssen Yachts continues to focus on developing innovative and value-retaining concepts (model series), efficiently producing and professionally marketing these yachts and providing excellent service and maintenance to end-users in order to ensure carefree enjoyment for our customers.

Image films:

Grand Sturdy 9-series

30.9 | 34.9 | 36.9 | 40.9 | 43.9 | 45.9 | 52.9 | 58.9 
(AC / Sedan)
9,75 - 17,74 m

Linssen Grand Sturdy 40.9 AC

Interior Grand Sturdy 40.9 AC

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The Linssen Grand Sturdy® ‘9’ series are exceptionally complete, arranged for maximum convenience and comfort and offer superb value for money.

You will be astounded by all of the Grand Sturdy® ‘9’ series’ functional details, things that go to make life on board a joyful experience. The boats’ sailing characteristics are truly exceptional. Thanks to their unusual chine-type hull, these boats are highly stable and their new shape below the water line combined with the shape of the keel and the rudder, and the rudder balance means that they are easy to pilot in reverse, even counter to the propeller’s direction of rotation.

Classic Sturdy series

28 | 32 | 36 | 42 | 46 
(AC / Sedan)
9,40 - 14,30 m

Linssen Classic Sturdy 42 AC

Interior Linssen Classic Sturdy 42 AC

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The Classic line of motor yachts.

The Classic Sturdys combines traditional and timeless lines and colours with cutting-edge technologies, the best cruising characteristics and efficient production techniques.

Grand Sturdy series

470 | 500 
14,70 - 15,75 m

Interior Linssen Grand Sturdy 500 Variotop

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The Linssen Grand Sturdy models represent the peak in the Linssen Yachts’ range. The designs are characterised by their attractive, flowing lines and a conspicuous mixture of traditional and modern el­ements. The hull is strong and sturdy, with an individual look. The superstructure is elegant yet extremely functional.