Linssen sea trials

Have you always wanted to know what it would be like to sail at sea? With or without stabilisers, with a single or twin engine cruiser?

Well, you can during our Sea Trials which we organise from the port of Blankenberge in Belgium. In association with our dealer in Zeeland, Jonkers Yachts, and our Belgian dealer, Linssen Yachts België, we are pleased to invite you to the trials. The available yachts are:

  • Grand Sturdy 30.9 Sedan
  • Grand Sturdy 40.9 AC
  • Grand Sturdy 500 AC Wheelhouse

Vaardagen Blankenberge Vaardagen Blankenberge

Interested? If so, contact our sales department to make an appointment:, + 31 475 43 99 99 or contact your local dealer.

Saturday 27 June 2015
Sunday 28 June 2015
Monday 29 June 2015

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Classic Sturdy 46 AC


Have you had a chance to look at our Classic Sturdy 46 AC?

This is the largest model of the Classic Sturdy series and has a very spacious interior. The remarkable large and light front and aft cabin with large port holes and sliding windows, the traditional layout with dinette and galley positioned in front of the saloon and the typical Linssen 'slide and pop-out-door' sliding door make this Classic Sturdy a very special yacht.

Visit our website for more information and pictures.

Classic Sturdy 46 AC


Classic Sturdy 46 AC Layout

Classic Sturdy 46 AC layout


Linssen Collection


In addition to the latest range of new boats, Linssen Yachts also offers a selection of pre-owned boats.

Visit the Linssen-website brokerage section for extensive information on each yacht:

  60298001 Grand Sturdy 25.9 Sport - 2011 (ex VAT) € 101.000,-  
  60291601 Grand Sturdy 29.9 Sedan - 2010 € 179.000,-  
  60273301 Grand Sturdy 33.9 AC - 2008 € 212.000,-  
  60302801 Grand Sturdy 60.33 AC - 2010 (ex VAT) € 170.000,-  
  60302201 Grand Sturdy 34.9 Sedan - 2011 € 248.000,-  
  60240101 Grand Sturdy 380 AC - 2003 € 222.000,-  
  60239501 Grand Sturdy 380 AC - 2003 € 252.500,-  
  60168501 Sturdy 40 - 1990 € 169.000,-  
  60280901 Grand Sturdy 40.9 Sedan - 2008 € 340.000,-  
  60280201 Grand Sturdy 40.9 Sedan - 2008 € 339.000,-  
  60231601 Linssen 43 SL twin - 2002 € 298.500,-  
  60298901 Grand Sturdy 45.9 AC Twin - 2013 € 577.500,-  



Linssen representatives in Europe


Linssen Yachts and Linssen Boating Holidays are sponsor of the World Canals Conference 2015 in Ghent (B).


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Linssen sea trials, Blankenberge (B)
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Linssen Yachts   28.08-30.08.2015
Flytande båtmässan, Gustavsberg (S)
Linssen Yachts Linssen Yachts 01.09-06.09.2015
Hiswa te Water, Amsterdam (NL)
Linssen Yachts Linssen Yachts 07.09-10.09.2015
World Canals Conference, Ghent (B)
Linssen Yachts   11.09-20.09.2015
Southampton Boat Show (GB)
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Interboot, Friedrichshafen (D)
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Linssen Yachts Linssen Yachts 23.10-25.10.2015
Nieuwpoort (B)
Linssen Yachts   31.10-08.11.2015
Hanseboot, Hamburg (D)
Linssen Yachts Linssen Yachts 21.11-23.11.2015
Linssen Yachts Boat Show, Maasbracht (NL)
Linssen Yachts   26.11-29.11.2015
Boot & Fun, Berlin (D)
Linssen Yachts   05.12-13.12.2015
Salon Nautique, Paris (F)


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