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Saturday 18, Sunday 19 and Monday 20 November 2017

Daily from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
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Impressions of the 2016 Linssen Yachts Boat Show

“Behind the scenes at Linssen Yachts, a lot of effort is being put into the latest model series.” That’s what we wrote in our November 2016 magazine... Now, almost a year later, the new series is ready and the models will be all lined up on display in our showroom during the Linssen Yachts Boat Show.

Grand Sturdy 35.0 - 10.70 x 3.40 m

The Linssen Grand Sturdy 35.0 is an excellent choice for first-time boat-owners with a family, who will appreciate the functional, comfortable spaces on board. This compact yacht is very well equipped, it has an optimum layout and its price/performance ratio is very attractive.
Its cruising characteristics can simply be described as extraordinary. The Linssen special single-chine hull shape gives the yacht excellent stability and thanks to a combination of the hull, keel and rudder shape and rudder balance ratio, the boat also handles well in reverse, even against the direction of rotation of the propeller.

Creating additional sleeping berths
Whichever alternative you may choose, it’s always very easy to convert the saloon bench seat into a comfortable double bed using the Linssen Easy Sleep Convert System (Royal version).

Grand Sturdy 35.0 AC
Will the AC be your choice? If so, you will have enough space for four people, with the luxury saloon and the two spacious cabins, each with a double bed. The integrated deck boxes on the aft deck and the standard folding roof ensure pleasant relaxation when sitting outside.

Linssen Grand Sturdy 35.0 AC

Grand Sturdy 35.0 Sedan
Are two sleeping berths sufficient to meet your needs? If so, the Sedan-variant may be an option. The wide, double, outward-opening doors allow you to transform the saloon and open cockpit into one large room. The standard Longtop over the open cockpit ensures that you are always dry or protected from the sun.

Linssen Grand Sturdy 35.0 Sedan

Grand Sturdy 40.0 - 12.85 x 4.30 m

The layout of the Linssen 40 foot segment is characterised by unprecedented space. You notice these generous proportions as soon as you enter the saloon. The saloon and kitchen are situated on the same level, with only one step between the saloon and the kitchen compartment, allowing the cook and the guests to enjoy life on board together. Practical, efficiently positioned drawers, cupboards, etc. make life on board very convenient.

The steps to the forward cabin can be folded up to allow access to a useful ‘cellar’. The forward cabin has a double bed that you can get in and out of comfortably on both sides. The toilet is accessible from both the forward cabin and the central entrance area, so that your guests in the twin-bedded central cabin can use it too. They can also access the separate shower from there.


Grand Sturdy 40.0 AC
The aft cabin is also extremely spacious, with a freestanding double bed, separate shower and separate toilet, as well as a large amount of cupboard, storage and drawer space.

Linssen Grand Sturdy 40.0 AC

Grand Sturdy 40.0 Sedan
In the Sedan version, the passage connecting the saloon to the cockpit is on one level, with only a low threshold. Running along the length of the superstructure, the Linssen Longtop covers the cockpit. This means you can stay comfortable when sitting on the integrated bench seat in the cockpit, with the central stern door to the swimming platform.

Linssen Grand Sturdy 40.0 Sedan

Grand Sturdy 45.0 AC - 13.98 x 4.35 m

The Grand Sturdy 45.0 AC is a very spacious boat that is perfect for long journeys throughout Europe but also for a long weekend. From the first ‘line on the drawing board’, the aim was to achieve maximum versatility. The wealth of details ensures that the 45.0 provides a fitting and universal concept for practically all waterways.

It is generously proportioned in terms of living space, in terms of storage space and in terms of sheer luxury. Simply generously proportioned as in ‘a penthouse on the water’! Because in fact all modern comforts are either already present as standard features in this 45.0 AC or provided as an optional item by our designers.

Linssen Grand Sturdy 45.0 AC artists impression

Grand Sturdy 470 Sedan Wheelhouse - 14.45 x 4.40 m

The Grand Sturdy 470 Sedan Wheelhouse is an exclusive, very well equipped yacht and has its wheelhouse, saloon and cockpit on one level. The wheelhouse is provided with an attractive helmsman’s position with an electrically adjustable cockpit bench that enables you to sail ‘inside’ or ‘outside’ in comfort with two people, thanks to the electric sliding roof. Covering the spacious open cockpit, the Longtop protects you from sudden showers or the sun when it’s too hot.

Below decks there is a spacious pantry and dinette that lets in a lot of light. The forward part of the yacht accommodates a spacious owner’s cabin with separate toilet and shower. There is a guest cabin on the port side with twin beds. Just opposite, a spacious toilet/shower room is provided for guests on the starboard side.

Linssen Grand Sturdy 470 Sedan Wheelhouse

Grand Sturdy 500 AC Variotop® - 16.45 x 4.88 m

Don’t follow – lead!
Leadership is a consequence of expertise, of authenticity and remaining true to yourself, whatever’s going on around you. You will certainly recognise that because of your success in business. The new Linssen Grand Sturdy 500 AC Variotop® is a born leader. The flagship of our fleet of high-quality steel motor yachts is sailing in the wake of its predecessors. At the same time, it exceeds the previous model series on all fronts. The design is elegant and timeless. It is powerful with low-noise characteristics in the engine room. The construction is well thought out and sustainable, and the interior is spacious and complete.
The new Grand Sturdy 500 AC Variotop® has been built to lead. Are you its helmsman?

Linssen Grand Sturdy 500 AC Variotop

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