Pre-owned boat show at Linssen Yachts

Linssen Yachts is holding its annual pre-owned boat show, the Linssen Collection Weekend, from Saturday 24 to Monday 26 February 2018.

An extensive selection of extremely well maintained Linssen yachts will be on display in the showroom, the Collection showroom and the marina. There will be something for everyone in the 9 to 15 metres segment. Linssen Yachts has a number of boats from the 9 series, both the open cockpit and the aft cabin versions, with two or three cabins (from the Grand Sturdy 40.9 onwards), as well as boats from the Grand Sturdy series.

Linssen Yachts showroom

Linssen Yachts offers two categories of pre-owned boats: boats from the Linssen Collection and "agency boats".

The Linssen Collection is a small, unique selection of recent, pre-owned Linssen boats. All boats with the Linssen Collection label are fully revamped following a detailed technical and visual inspection and are offered with a one-year boatyard guarantee.
We offer agency boats for sale on behalf of the current owner. In this case, Linssen Yachts acts as the agency and is not the owner of the boat in question. These boats are also subjected to an exhaustive inspection and are subsequently entirely overhauled on behalf of the owner. Boats are delivered ex boatyard, including technical handover.

Come to Maasbracht and rely on the people who are really familiar with what they have built!

The Linssen Collection Weekend will be held from Saturday 24 to Monday 26 February 2018 in Maasbracht, the Netherlands.
The opening times are from 10.00 am to 4.00 pm each day.

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